Cider On Tap

Cider On Tap

Cider is one of the most consumed drinks around the world. Most people prefer this drink due to its unique and fruity taste. There are various ways that you can take this drink such as through the bottles or cans or on tap. Cider on tap is a growing trend that has got the attention of many consumers. Since the method was discovered, it has gained popularity due to various reasons. Read on to understand why cider on tap is a good method that everyone should adopt.

Benefits Of Cider On Tap

1. Less exposure to light

When cider is exposed to too much sunlight, the taste is affected and becomes less tasty. With cider on tap, the aluminum material that makes the keg, blocks the light from affecting the cider making it remain fresh and tasty throughout. Therefore, if you want to maintain the taste and color of your cider, you should consider serving these drinks using this method.

2. Cold temperatures

For one to enjoy their cider, the temperatures should be quite low. The kegs offer cold storage for the cider. Also, it helps to keep the cider cool for a longer time.

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When cider is stored in a cold environment, the oxidation process is reduced, and this makes the drink remain fresh for a long time. When cider is stored at room temperatures for a long time, it will not have the freshness taste that makes the drink popular.

3. Carbonation

Carbonation allows the cider drink to have a richer taste. A lot of people say that cider tastes different when you drink from a bottle, as opposed to when you pour it on the glass. When it is poured on the glass, oxidation is released which produces the sweet and fruity taste. Brewers will add less carbonation to the cider bottle which reduces the taste of the drink. Therefore, if you want you and your customers to enjoy a rich cider taste, you should consider cider on tap method.

4. Enhances socialization

Most people want to drink cider for the taste and to enjoy it with friends and have fun. When this method is used to distribute cider, people will come together to enjoy the drink. It enhances socialization. When you drink at home, you will end up drinking bottled cider, so you will compromise on taste.. If you want to enjoy the drink, find out a restaurant or bar that offers cider on tap.

5. The effect of pouring into a glass

One of the main reasons, why most people think that cider on tap is tastier than bottled, is due to the smell that comes out when pouring into a glass. With the tap method, you will not just smell the cider but also taste it. Most people are more concerned about the smell of the drink rather than the taste.

If you are a business owner in the cider industry, you should consider cider on tap which will attract customers to your bar or restaurant. With this method, your customers will enjoy a tasty drink, good smell and have fun when drinking together in one place.

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