Craft Beer Towers

Craft Beer Towers

Craft beer towers are one of the perfect ways of dispensing beer for both commercial and home use. They allow one to enjoy local beers at the comfort of their home or local bar. If you do not have a beer tower or you want to upgrade from your old tower, you should consider craft beer towers. You can purchase one easily from the local beer or by searching online for the various suppliers. Continue reading to find out why you should have craft beer towers in your home or bar.

Benefits of a Craft Beer Tower

1. They are easy to clean

When you buy a beer tower, you do not want to have difficulties cleaning it. Beer towers should be cleaned regularly for your health and the health of your visitors. With craft beer towers, you will have an easy time cleaning it. When dispensing beer from a beer tower, there are chances that it will spill over; hence one needs to clean it often. Cleaning the craft beer tower will make it look new and enhance the look of the tower.

2. They are attractive

When you have a craft beer tower in your home bar, it will enhance the appearance of your home. They can have a stainless steel or matte finish that makes them attractive.

Craft Beer Tips

The custom material matches with most of the themes; hence you do not need to change the color of your home bar. If you want to impress your friends or customers visiting you during parties, you should use a craft beer tower to dispense drinks.

3. Keeps beer cold longer

With Craft Beer Towers, your beer stays cold for a longer time compared to other beer towers. The tower is well built with specialized materials that keep the beer cold. Most people prefer beer that is cool as it is tasty and refreshing. When you put the beer in the beer tower, you should ensure that it is well carbonated. The tower is well pressurized which keeps the beer carbonated and fresh throughout the day.

4. Good capacity

If you have a big party with many friends, this is the beer tower to go for as it holds many liters of beer. Therefore, you do not need to keep on refilling the tower with more beer. Also, the beer tower has an airtight cap that keeps the beer intact to avoid spills and air from getting into the tower which may affect the taste of the beer.

5. Easy to use

The craft beer tower is easy to use. You only need to learn about the components of the beer tower and how each function. One does not need training on how to use it. If you have a party, most of the visitors will understand how to dispense the beer; hence you do not need to be around the tower.

If you are looking for a beer tower that is unique, attractive and one that can impress your friends, you should purchase this type of beer tower. When you have a party or a drink up at your house, it is important to have the beer cool, fresh, tasty and carbonated.

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