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Draught System Equipment

Our team of experts will partner with you to design a commercial draught tap system that uniquely fits your situation - from the tower design, to the number and length of beverage lines, to critical temperature and delivery components, to the amount of pressure needed to push the beverage to the tap. We design your draught bar solution with your needs in mind to get the beer right - the first time.

Glycol Cooled Draught Beer System

The Power Pack is used to refrigerate a mix of water and FDA approved glycol which is re-circulated at a temperature between 29 – 32˚ F to maintain a brewery recommended keg storage temperature of 38˚ F. Glycol cooled systems are not designed to lower beer dispensing temperatures. The system is designed to deliver the beer temperature in the walk-in-cooler.

Glycol cooled systems are installed for long runs with a maximum length of 500 feet. Connecting multiple beer dispensing stations in a single system makes a glycol cooled system highly functional and cost efficient.

Glycol Cooled Draught Beer System
Air Cooled Draught Beer System

Air Cooled Draught Beer System

Dispensing Up to 25 Feet. Cold air from the walk-in cooler box is forced alongside beer lines to keep them cold as they travel to the dispense tower.

A "shaft within a shaft" is created: one for the product and outgoing cold air, one for the return (warm) air. Together they form a continuous air loop. This single air shaft system, dispenses up to 25 feet!

Direct Draw Draught Beer System

A walk-in cooler stores both the kegs and the beer lines for delivery of product to shanks mounted directly through a wall. A drip tray mounts to the outside wall to contain any spillage. Beer is dispensed at the same temperature it is stored in the walk-in.

Straightforward dispensing: shanks and faucets are mounted through drip tray directly into walk-in. Direct draw system offers the benefit of no hidden lines, making service and access easier.

Direct Draw Draught Beer System

Need Help With Your Custom Beverage Tower & System?

Need a custom draught tower? Our experienced team of talented craftsmen are ready to work with you through your custom design and development process. With an end result of delivering your uniquely developed draught beer tower that exceeds your expectations. Contact Us Below!

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