Draught System Services

Draught System Services

We provide Vancouver and surrounding areas with the most innovative, quality driven beverage dispense systems, equipment, and service. Gastown Beverage is a leader providing innovative beverage dispense equipment, systems, and service. Our years of combined expertise and creativity enables us to design, develop, deliver, install and maintain every component in your beverage dispense systems for your thirsty customers.

Gastown Beverage also stocks thousands of beverage dispense parts and innovative products locally.

Draught Beer System Design

We work with you to design and build your dream bar setup. Gastown Beverage has established its reputation in the industry as a leading provider of draught dispensing equipment. Our Design Team has created uniquely crafted draught towers to fit the most discriminating Vancouver bars for world-class hotels, restaurants, clubs, and venues. The draft beer experience begins at first glance.

In addition to producing custom components for your draught system, we offer a wide range of products to complete the end to end installation. We are committed to providing maximum quality and value within the budget, technical and schedule requirements of your project.

Unique Bar and Draught System
Custom Draught Towers

Custom Developed Draught Towers 

The draught beer experience begins at first glance – “what’s on tap?” With our valued providers we have one of the largest portfolios of draught beer towers in the industry. But, we work with you to create a beer dispenser that fits you and your bar's design criteria.

We love the challenge of your vision! We start with our highest quality tower module that can be designed to fit almost any shell, providing the pour quality you can depend on. Add in our custom shells that can be powder coated or finished to match any style. We eagerly await your concept and then turn it into reality.

We know how changes in ambient temperatures, keg storage temperatures, the location of the draught beer station, how keg volume and time impact efficiencies. The beer system will be an integral part of your locations environment. The draught beer system we develop will reflect the style of restaurant or venue from its draft tower, to the technical specifications of the system design – everything impacts performance, quality and profits.

Draught System & Beer Gas Delivery

We deliver your custom draught equipment of all kinds, and many configurations to many different types of businesses all over Vancouver.

We deliver every type of draught system from pop and water only, beer, wines, and of course the cocktail bar. But it doesn't stop there, we also provide a beer gas refills and delivery to ensure you always have an emergency backup in case you run low on your beer gas or other draught gas requirements.

Draught Beer Delivery
Draught System Installation

Draught Tower Installation

Gastown Beverage provides scalable installation and support draught installation services that are designed to be expandable to meet your project requirements today and in the future, through one single point of contact.

Whether you need to install a new draught beer system in multiple locations, upgrade your equipment to improve efficiencies or require technical services, our sales consultants will assemble a team of certified technicians dedicated to the success of your project,  a team that will finish the job on time, within budget and according to specification.

Draught System Maintenance

Having a regular service schedule is key to maintaining equipment and great tasting beer. We will design a servicing schedule that will meet your needs that will be cost effective to maintain the highest cleanliness standards for health and safety. The Brewers Association of Ontario recommends regular monthly cleaning.

Each cleaning will include a no cost inspection of your equipment with recommendations for any addition service needs to consider and will provide regular maintenance suggestions so your beer system will continue to flow with ease.

Draught Beer Line Cleaning

Need Help With Your Custom Beverage Tower & System?

Need a custom draught tower? Our experienced team of talented craftsmen are ready to work with you through your custom design and development process. With an end result of delivering your uniquely developed draught beer tower that exceeds your expectations. Contact Us Below!

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