Glass Door Bar Fridges

Glass Door Bar Fridges

When selecting a commercial refrigerator for your bar or restaurant, you have a variety of makes, models, and sizes to choose from, but you also have a choice as to whether you want a solid door versus a glass door bar fridge model. Both types of commercial refrigerators have their advantage, but the one that works best to wet your customer's lips are glass door bar fridges that display your assorted stock.

Why Use a Glass Door Bar Fridge?

Some of the main reasons you would buy a commercial glass door beer fridge is for visibility. Most commonly you'll see these glass door fridges in the checkout isle for its effectiveness for impulse buying. Fast food restaurants and other places with open, visible kitchens often use a glass door refrigerator near the cash register allowing customers to easily see what bottled drinks they have, or easily display pre-prepared foods.

Glass door refrigerators make it easy to see the items inside, which can help you track your inventory without necessarily opening the refrigerator and counting what’s inside, and letting you stay ahead of an empty bar fridge.

Glass Door Bar Fridge

Although these glass door models are a bit less energy efficient energy efficient than solid door refrigerators, however, with the contents inside easily visible, your employees won't nee to stand in front of the open bar fridge looking for something for a long time, wasting your energy.

If you're looking to showcase your inventory, then you would want to get a glass door bar fridge, for the looks and you might even see an increase in sales.

Glass Door Bar Fridges

We offer several types and models of glass door bar fridges, from small mini fridges to commercial freezers, we have the glass door bar fridge to meet your bar’s individual needs. below are just a small view of the fridges we carry, deliver and install.

24" Glass Door Bar Refrigerator

50" Glass Door Bar Refrigerator

50" Stainless Steel Glass Door Back Bar Refrigerator

69" Glass Door Back Bar Refrigerator

24inch Glass Door Back Bar Refrigerator
50inch Glass Door Back Bar Refrigerator
50" Stainless Steel Glass Door Back Bar Refrigerator
69" Glass Door Back Bar Refrigerator

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