Wine On Tap

Wine On Tap

Wine on tap is not a new a method of distributing wine, but this method has grown tremendously over the years. Many people have stopped using the traditional method of distributing wine through a bottle and adopted draught wine on tap. The wine on tap method is used by restaurants, wineries, at the bars and other venues. Wine on tap system uses stainless steel kegs which have high pressure to distribute wine. Below are the benefits of wine on tap method.

Benefits of Wine On Tap

1. No wine is wasted

With wine on tap, there is no wastage of the drink compared to the traditional methods. The kegs are well sealed to reduce wine from spilling down. When distributing wine using this method, there are no spills which could result in high costs.

2. The method is fast

Serving wine through the new method is fast and easy. The method does not involve corks with fuss which can waste a lot of time serving your customers.

Draught Wine On Tap

The traditional methods are time-consuming since one has to open each bottle of wine which is a long process.

Once you understand how to distribute wine using the method, the process becomes simple and faster. Therefore, you do not need to hire many people to work on your wines bar as one person can handle a high demand with this method.

3. Environment-friendly

The method is friendly to the environment. The stainless steel kegs are reusable, and you do not need to dump it after its empty. The wine producers will pick it, clean and refill it with more wine for your customers. The environment is conserved in that there is no waste generated to produce more stainless steel kegs since the already produced ones are reused. There is a reduction in the packaging which would emit a lot of carbon into the air. If you are cautious about the environment, you should start using the method in your restaurant or bar.

4. Quality wine

With this method, you do not have to worry about the wine going bad after opening it. The stainless steel keg is well sealed with some gases that keep the wine fresh throughout after opening. The method assures customers that the first glass of wine will taste the same with the last glass. Unlike the wine bottles, whereby after opening the lid, the wine can go bad after some days as opposed to this method. The method helps business owners to sell quality wine.

5. Large capacity

The stainless steel keg holds large amounts of wine compared to the wine bottles. Therefore, it is economical to purchase the wine in the kegs than in bottles. For manufacturers, it becomes it to pack the wine in large capacities which reduces the production costs and enables them to sell cheaply.

If you have a wine business, you should take advantage of the new wine distribution method and enjoy the above benefits. You can get the wine on tap system by searching online or from the local wine distributors. When purchasing you should find a reputable supplier and consider shipping costs, the volume and the quality of the components.

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